Equipping Leaders to Be Bold!


We support leaders, teams and organizations to lead boldly and strategically for improved business results!

In today's competitive business climate, you need leaders to step up and lead more boldly and strategically.  

At Arete, we know what it takes to equip leaders with the right skills to  Be BOLD!  

Bold leaders are more strategic, speak the truth, utilize conflict productively and seek bold feedback to achieve greater results with excellence. 

Find out today how we can elevate your leaders to the next level!


What We Offer

Leadership Coaching

Equipping Bold Leaders

Equipping Bold Leaders


Equipping Bold Leaders

Equipping Bold Leaders

Equipping Bold Leaders


Consulting Services

Equipping Bold Leaders

Consulting Services


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

“We partnered with Doug for our Team Retreat this year and it was a big success! Our group benefited tremendously from his knowledge, energy and enthusiasm. He engaged the attendees and delivered great content. We felt united around some critical communication goals for the year and bonded as a team. I highly recommend that if you are seeking to upgrade your team meetings, you should contact Doug at Arete.” 

Daryl Thomann 

Chief Operating Officer 

Will We Soon Forget?


Check out our newest blog post!

As our country and world are slowly easing restrictions, and we are beginning to move out of quarantine, the question that comes to mind is - “Will we soon forget?” 

Will we quickly forget the important lessons from all of this and just go back to our old ways and old habits?