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Client Testimonials


“Doug’s all day coaching session during our annual team meeting was fantastic! We focused on critical skills that my leaders can demonstrate to be more bold and strategic. It absolutely generated a lot of change in how we approach our lives and work and we now all plan to lead more intentionally in the future. I strongly recommend Arete’s Be BOLD! session to any team looking to radically change the way they lead today.”

Bianca Garchar

Senior Manager

"Tim Shaffer has been my professional coach on two separate occasions in my career journey, roughly 5 years ago as I was a new and developing director and now once again in a more comprehensive influential leadership capacity.  In both occasions I felt comfortable speaking with Tim as my true self, in a non-judgmental forum.  

With the intention of creating an actionable development plan, Tim helped me organize my thoughts, strengths and opportunities for growth in a way in which I was genuinely invested to commit."

Shyla Gardner 

Area Director of Sales and Marketing 


 "Understanding the way my career was going was critical for me to decide next steps. Doug was able to do this for me, in a very strategic way. He was not only able to help me build a career path based on the values that I care the most, but was also able to execute it in a way that made me the central part of the creative/executive decision making process. I know now the career decisions I need to make in order to be aligned with my core values, vision and aspirations. Doug has helped me out to have a clear understanding of who I am, what I bring to the table, and where my contributions will help me to excel. It is sort of coaching session that gets you to the right state of mind in no time. Doug has created a clear North Star for me and my professional life. The experience is highly recommended"

Alvaro Valeriani

Global Senior Vice President

Sales & Marketing

“I am grateful for the leadership coaching I received from Tim Shaffer. He cares, asks insightful questions and listens well. My influence and impact as a leader have grown from the insights I developed through Tim’s coaching.”

Brian Kent, 

General Manager

Hyatt Place Hendersonville, TN

“I highly recommend the Be BOLD! Leadership event to any team looking to take their skills to another level. My team definitely benefited from Doug and Tim’s energetic presentation style and deep content on being strategic, speaking the truth, boldly seeking feedback and using productive conflict. It has made my leaders think much more broadly about their role and our impact on performance!  It has been two months since the event and senior leaders as well as new leaders in the hotel continue to speak about the experience and share how they are putting the concepts taught into action that are making a difference with them personally as well the Impact it is having throughout the hotel.”

Tyson Warren

General Manager

“I hold Tim Shaffer in the highest regard due to the value and care he brings to leadership coaching. I was hopeful that the coaching would be beneficial. What I didn’t expect was that it would be life-changing.

Tim is a superb listener. He is skilled at asking the right questions and understanding the value of conversational flow when speaking about personal development. I immediately felt comfortable speaking about my opportunities. Never once did I feel as though I were being judged or criticized. I simply felt as though I was speaking to a trusted friend who truly cared about me and my desire to grow. 

The advice and exercises Tim gave were all ‘breakthrough’ items that caused an immediate change in my behavior and effectiveness as a leader. Most importantly, because of Tim’s effectiveness as a coach, my managers and associates have a better leader and my relationships outside my work have gone from good to great as well. Because of my experience with Tim, I’m excited for others who are fortunate enough to experience his coaching services and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

John D’Angelo, 

Hotel Manager

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar (Nassau, The Bahamas)

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